The body of Angel Juarbe has been found in the NY WTC wreckage. Click here for more information.


It is almost certain that Angel Juarbe, the winner of the first season of Murder in Small Town X, perished in the World Trade Center disaster. His family has set-up a memorial fund. Please click here for more information.


According to RealityBlurred.Com, the Oct. 5 issue of Entertainment Weekly reports that MISTX will NOT be returning for a second season on Fox. Let's hope another network or cable channel picks it up.


For those of you who have enjoyed this site, I urge you to check out a group I've formed. It's called SequelsAndSeries. It's devoted to tracking sequels and series for books, movies, tv shows, comic books, anime and more. If you like sci-fi or period pieces, I think it's a "must see." Here's the address...


A new web site devoted to Angel has appeared. Click on the link to visit it . . . http://hometown.aol.com/dlisad19/myhomepage/memorial-crisis.html.


Sad news. Angel, the winner of Fox's Murder in Small Town X is among the missing in the recent World Trade Center collapse. He responded to the disaster as the brave firefighter that MISTX showed him to be. Here is a link to an article with more information... http://www.realitynewsonline.com/article1315.html.

My heart goes out to Angel, his family, and his friends. MISTX showed that he is truly a talented man with intelligence and heart.


Want to see season 2 of MISTX? Click here to sign an online petition to let Fox and the producers of MISTX know how you feel!
New poll questions are up!

I received an e-mail that has information supposedly from a "production source" about a possible second season of MISTX. This information is highly suspect, and should be considered RUMOR.

According to the e-mail...
--FOX is not going to air a second season due to poor ratings. However, the producers made a deal with NBC, and the sequel will air opposite Survivor 4 in 2002.
--Gary Fredo has signed back on as the lead investigator.
--The show will be called "After Sunrise".
--Casting of new investigators is underway.
--MISTX 2 is currently in pre-production with the actors, but the "official" filming won't start until the writers finish the plot and the producers cast the investigators.

Again, all of the above is rumor. I also received a possible killer movie that shows 16 suspects for MISTX 2. It seems fake to me, so I'm not going to post it (yet). If the source is reading, write to me directly and let me know what your credentials are.


Here's the results of the latest MISTX Dossier polls...

Who is the Sunrise Killer?
30% Rusty Crandall
23% Frank Kovick
20% Prudence Connor
11% Mary Elizabeth Merchant
07% Emerson Bowden
06% Jimmy Tinker
03% William Lambert

Rusty gained 10% this week over last week's 20%. In fact the order remained pretty much the same as last week with the top choices gaining higher percentages of the vote. William Lambert did slip to the last choice with only 3% of the vote.

Who is your favorite (living) investigator?
34% Angel
33% Katie
30% Alan
03% Jeff

Angel narrowly beat Katie as the fan favorite this week, but really all three of the top choices were close.

Which investigator do you think WILL win (not who you want to win, but who WILL win)?
35% Alan
29% Angel
25% Katie
11% Jeff

Who is your favorite (deceased) investigator?
36% Kristen
23% Lindsey
22% Brian
09% Andy
08% Stacey
03% Shirley

Have you ever been scared watching MISTX?
57% No
43% Yes

I'll admit I was creeped out during the first few killer's game segments.

What is your favorite aspect of MISTX?
74% Trying to solve the murders.
15% Watching the investigators play the killer's game.
07% Learning about the townspeople and the town's history.
03% Watching the interaction between the investigators.

Aside from MISTX, what's your all time favorite reality TV show?
37% Survivor
23% The Mole
15% None of the above
11% Real World
04% (tie) Big Brother and Boot Camp
02% Making the Band, Temptation Island, and Other

It's no surprise that many of you like The Mole. Like MISTX, The Mole gives the viewers a lot more to think about than just voting strategies. (By the way, The Mole 2 premieres September 21 on ABC).

I'll be putting up more polls either tonight or tomorrow regarding the outcome of MISTX. I'll be asking whether you were satisified with the winner and many other questions. Be sure to bookmark this page!


Be aware that the 2 hour season finale of Murder in Small Town X may begin airing an hour earlier than its normally scheduled time. In my time zone (Central), it airs at 7PM rather than its usual 8PM. I will be posting the results of the polls around 4PM central time tomorrow (7PM Eastern). If you haven't voted yet, click on Polls to the left.
I had a dream last night that Jeff wins...


Here's the cast list for MISTX. Click on the actor's name to see the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) credits listing for that actor...

Gary Fredo .... Himself (Host/Lead Investigator)
Don Chastain .... Hayden DeBeck
Heather Campbell .... Samantha Larabee
Kent George .... Reverend Rusty Crandall
Shishir Kurup .... X-Ray the Cab Driver
Cory Pendergast .... Jimmy Tinker
Jack McCabe .... Nate Flint
George Hall (I) .... C.R. Flint
Jennifer Tung .... Deanna Harris
Christopher Liam Moore .... Frank Kovick
Sarah Morris .... Abigail 'Abby' Flint
Cathy Shambley .... Dr. Neva Bowden
Joy Claussen .... Leita Rose-Blodgett
Damara Reilly .... Lillian 'Lil' Tinker
Jennifer Dibert .... Mary Elizabeth Merchant
Tom Stechschulte .... William Lambert
Moira Walley .... Carmen Flint
Terence Winter (I) .... Dudley Duncan
Pat Battistini .... G.D. Thibodeaux
Caitlin Keats .... Prudence Connor
Tim Walkoe .... Emerson Bowden
Ronnie Warner .... Drew Chambers
Sam Witwer .... Moe Zaleski


The final four!
I've added a new question to the Polls section . . . Who do you think is going to win?


Well, I had my first ever dream about MISTX. It was truly bizarre!

Here's the story...
I found myself in Sunrise. I was walking with one of the investigators and we came upon this horse drawn carriage place. The owner stepped out and started talking to us. He said that Rusty Crandall owned the place a long time ago, and that he used to talk about how he hated travelling on land -- how he much preferred the sea.

Then the scene changed, I was with the investigators, and we were all running toward this grassy knoll. When we got there, there were some police officers helping people out of the ground. It was the victims! They were all alive, but something was different about them. The areas where they had been injured were red, like new skin had grown there. We asked them what happened and why they were alive. They said, "Rusty. Rusty put us in this fluid. It healed us. Now we can breathe underwater."

Then the investigators and I split up. We went about the town and slowly uncovered Rusty's plan. We kept meeting strange people called "caretakers" in pools around the area. We learned that Rusty wanted to flood the place. It turns out he's an alien from a planet made entirely of water, and he wants to make Sunrise and the rest of earth into his planet's image.

I don't remember the end of the dream. I just remember having to sort of whisper to the other investigators because the "caretakers" like the sweepers started popping up everywhere.

Truly bizarre. Anyone else dream about MISTX?


Well, I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I do have to say, that I've been right about a few things so far...

On 8/7/2001, I predicted that Mary Elizabeth was part of the Sweeper Cult (scroll down to read the original post).
On 8/23/2001, I predicted that there would be a tie within the investigator's voting for tonight's episode (if Alan voted for Kristen).

I think some of my other predictions will turn out to be true. The idea that Prudence and Kovick are siblings is the one I feel most strongly about.

I suppose this is what makes MISTX stand out among all the other reality shows. MISTX is truly interactive. We, the viewers, can debate many aspects of the show, not just the voting strategy of the players. Thanks FOX!

One last thing... this site will continue even after the series ends. I hope to chronicle developments on Season 2, and keep you up to date on the goings on of the players/actors. So before the show ends, please bookmark this site and check back often!
Whodunit? I really feel like it is one of two possibilites at this point...

1. Prudence Connor and Frank Kovick, as I suggested a long time ago, are probably brother and sister. The burned man was probably their father. Duchamps might have been their last name. Maybe the Duchamps family was not lost -- but lived to enact revenge.

It's interesting that Connor said in last night's episode that her father died when she was eight. That also happens to be the age of the burned man when he was burned. Neither Connor nor Kovick has a solid alibi. In fact, Thibodeaux implicated Connor in the videotaped confession.

2. Mary Elizabeth Merchant and Prudence Connor. As I've said before, Mary Elizabeth is everywhere -- she's stripping at 2 Dollar Bills, she's driving Abby's car, she's sleeping with the reverend, she's sleeping with Jimmy, and lo and behold, she's the high priestess of the Mind-Science cult. The investigators said that the person driving Abby's car was wearing a black hood, and then later, Mary Elizabeth admits to driving the car off the pier. She was with Jimmy, so she could have taken his camera equipment. Mary Elizabeth also seems to be manipulating people. She convinced the reverend to come forward about his answering machine tape, and if I viewed the preview for next week correctly, she says to somebody "He might be the killer."

Prudence's involvement with Jimmy, her access to the bang stick, her willingness to blackmail, her combat training, etc. make her involvement also likely. I wouldn't be surprised if Prudence were manipulating Moe as well. Look at how sad he was in the car. Maybe he set her boat up to explode.

If Mary Elizabeth and Prudence were working together (both playing Jimmy), it would make sense. The motive? To frame Lambert, to collect the Flint blackmail money, and to take over leadership of the Mind-Science cult. Sisters are doin' it for themselves!

If next week is the last episode and it turns out to be Rusty Crandall, I will be disappointed, because like Emerson Bowden, he just hasn't had a decent amount of screen time. Even though he was there when Hayden died...
As you've noticed, I've updated the left navigation scheme to leave only four suspects. Two of those in the Unlikely list are dead and three have been cleared. The other three are there are for the following reasons...

Emerson Bowden seems like a good candidate but he hasn't gotten much screen time. Given that I believe next week's episode is the last, I can't see him being the killer without everyone feeling cheated. Plus, many have argued that he wouldn't be strong enough to lug around the bodies.

Jimmy Tinker seems like a follower not a leader. He seems to go wherever the women in his life lead him. He is a bit off. He's mixed up -- but no murderer. If he is, it will be a nice surprise (i.e. he will turn out not to be such a dimwit, but rather a mastermind).

William Lambert is, I've said over and over, probably being framed. He's the last one connected with the cannery to still be among the living after last night's episode. I wouldn't be surprised if Lambert were there when the killer is revealed. Maybe he'll be saved by the investigators.
I've updated the polls section. There are some familiar questions as well as some new ones. Votes are tallied week by week, so if you voted last week, feel free to vote again. Click on the Polls within the left navigation bar to vote.

Here's the results of the latest MISTX Dossier polls...

Who is the Sunrise Killer?
20% Rusty Crandall
18% Frank Kovick
16% Prudence Connor
12% Samantha Larabee
08% (tie) Mary Elizabeth Merchant, Emerson Bowden & Hayden DeBeck
05% William Lambert
04% Jimmy Tinker
00% G. D. Thibodeaux (with 1 vote)

The gap between Rusty and Frank has narrowed, while Prudence has gained a whopping 10% this week.

Who is your favorite (living) investigator?
30% Katie
29% Alan
19% Kristen
15% Angel
07% Jeff

It looks as though Kristen is not the most "hated" by the viewers.

Would you like to see a second season of MISTX?
95% Yes.
04% Not sure.
01% No.

I'll be adding new polls after the show airs tonight in Phoenix. So be sure to check back tonight or tomorrow to begin casting your votes for the final round!


A very interesting anonymous tip just arrived in my e-mail box... Someone spent some time with some audio and video from the show and may have discovered something. Click here to access the stills from the video (which may show the killer -- spoiler warning). Click here to access audio.

I've just added an entire page of comments made by Gary Fredo on the Official MISTX Message Board. His statements are very enlightening. Click here to view.

Also, don't forget to click on Polls to the left and vote before Tuesday!


I found a link to an article about MISTX. I didn't read it all the way through, but it may offer some information not listed on the official site. Click here for the link.


A few notes about the investigators...

--I think that if someone is going to be killed for going out on his/her own, it will probably be Alan or Angel. Both have ventured off on their own in previous episodes, and therefore, have a tendancy to do this sort of thing. I will be surprised if both of them live through the next episode. If one of them dies on a boat, it could be Alan going to hear what G. D. wanted to tell him. The killer will obviously want to wipe out G. D. since he can probably identify the killer at this point (since he was presumably injured by the killer).

--If Katie is the next lifeguard, and if all the other investigators are actually around to vote, this is how I see the vote going...
Kristen and Angel will vote for Jeff to go to the killer location. Jeff will vote for Kristen to go. Alan will be the swing vote. However, it could be a tie.

I'm not sure what happens in the case of a tie, but if I were the producers, I would say that both people involved in the tie should go since there are two people and two killer locations.


New theories have been added to the Rusty Crandall, Prudence Connor, and Frank Kovick pages.
More thoughts on Prudence...

I suspect that the bank transfers have something to do with blackmail and the photographs of Nate with Prudence. Perhaps, Prudence set up Nate so that she could get the money. Maybe Mary Elisabeth took the photos.
At this point, I'd have to go with what my intuition said from the beginning...Prudence Connor is the Sunrise Killer. If she's not, there's a good chance it's Rusty Crandall. After that, I'd say Samantha or maybe even Jimmy.

When Prudence and G.D. were arguing in last night's episode, he said, "I saw you with Jimmy." We already knew that she had been with Nate Flint. We also learned in last night's episode that Mary Elizabeth was with Rusty. In her case, we already knew that she had been with Jimmy. Notice a pattern? Perhaps, Prudence and Mary Elizabeth are in cahoots. After all, it was Mary Elizabeth who "convinced" Rusty to come forward with the answering machine tape.

What if Prudence is/was also a dancer/customer at 2 Dollar Bills?

Between Prudence, Mary Elizabeth, and Sam Larabee, these Sunrise Angels have slept with the whole town! Are they trying to take the men down?
I think one of the investigators will die outside of the killer's game in the next episode. Why? The entire 9 episodes were edited prior to a single one being shown. If the death of an investigator who goes it alone were not significant, I doubt that the editing would have put so much emphasis on it. Besides, we have only two episodes left with five investigators still standing. The last episode will surely begin with at least three investigators. So dramatically, it would be best if one of the investigators bit the dust in the middle of the next episode. Perhaps an explosion on a boat...
The death of the Duchamps family occurred in the spring of 1941. That was the same year as the "Miracle Fire" which was during Founder's Day. Does anyone know if Founder's Day is in the Spring? I don't think so, given that the time of show is soon after Founder's Day and it doesn't look like Spring to me.

Nonetheless, I've updated the timeline page to include the Duchamps deaths.
The polls section has been updated. The results will be posted next Tuesday prior to the show. Here are the current questions...

Who is the Sunrise Killer?
Who is your favorite (living) investigator?
Would you like to see a second season of Murder in Small Town X?

Click here to cast your vote.


Before tonight's episode, I thought I would post the results of our first poll --

Who is the Sunrise killer?
23% Rusty Crandall
14% Frank Kovick
13% Deanna Harris
11% William Lambert
10% (tie) Hayden DeBeck and Samantha Larabee
09% Emerson Bowden
06% Prudence Connor
02% G.D. Thibodeaux
01% Jimmy Tinker

Keep in mind that Mary Elisabeth was not eligible (because the polling system only allows 10 choices). Thanks to the hundreds of you that voted! Be sure to visit tomorrow for theory updates and new polls!


Well, there are three episodes left (the last one being a two hour finale). I have to say that if Deanna Harris, Samantha Larabee, and Hayden DeBeck don't get more screen time in tomorrow's episode, I will feel wronged if any of them turns out to be the killer. I just don't think it's "right" to have a killer sort of show up at the last minute. We shall see...


There are some interesting points being made in the Fact Book section. In particular, there is a good argument as to why the killer locations segment of each episode is NOT rigged.

Also, be sure to vote for who you think is the murderer in the Polls section. After this week's episode, I will be posting the results and adding several new MISTX polls.


I've added a Sunrise timeline to this site. You can access it by clicking on Timeline in the navigation bar.


I thought I saw Taco Bell cups. I wasn't sure it was important clue. Make a run for the Maine border, and click here for the Sunrise-Taco Bell story. Yo quiero MISTX!
New theories have been added to the Deanna Harris and Hayden Debeck pages.

You'll also notice a link has been added to the navigation bar . . . Rogue Reporter is devoted exclusively to Sunrise's resident hothead -- Frank Kovick.

Much has been said about Prudence's brother. A lot of people think it's G. D. Thibodeaux. But judging by the theories I mentioned in the last few posts, I would have to put my money on Frank Kovick as Prudence's brother.
New theories have been added to the Frank Kovick page and the General Notes/Theories page.
Another possibility is that the killer is related to the burnt man -- perhaps his child? Prudence would be the perfect candidate.

The burnt man said that when he was on fire, he threw himself off the wharf into the water. Perhaps he was at the Kingfisher Cannery when the fire happened. Maybe that's why the killer has issues with the Cannery. Maybe the killer blames the management of the Cannery for what happened to his/her father, including his eventual suicide (or murder?).
I've updated the left navigation bar to include some new features. Notice the "fact book." This is THE place to record facts. No theories. Just the facts, ma'am. Perhaps, by reading the facts over and over, new theories etc. will come to light.

Also, I've added a "polls" section. I'll be changing the question throughout the series and posting the results of previous polls in this space. The current question is "Who is the Sunrise Killer?" Vote now, but one caveat -- the polling service only allows 10 choices, so I had to leave off one suspect. I chose Mary Elisabeth Merchant. Don't worry, once the killer clears another suspect next week, I will put her name in that person's spot so that you can vote for her then -- that is unless she is the person cleared.

I still think Lambert is being framed. He seems to have a lot of enemies. I wouldn't be surprised if the leather jacket fragment was planted in Leita Rose's home.

It's interesting to note that the fragment of Lambert's jacket is actually a piece of the Kingfisher logo. If it were planted by the killer, this would be the second instance of the killer leaving a clue with that logo on it. The first, of course, would be the gruesome sardine can.


Perhaps Leita's head was shaved to mimic the appearance of the burnt man. If the burnt man wasn't the only one burned, s/he might be trying to get revenge by putting his/her victim's through a similar fate. Perhaps the flash of light is a flame!

The footage of the burned man intrigues me. I suspect that the burnt man himself may not be involved. Rather, the clue is fire. As others have said, Rusty Crandall is a volunteer fireman in Sunrise. He would have access to a fireman's axe to commit the murders. He's also familiar with the "fires of Hell" so to speak. In addition, it has been said on the boards that Rusty was riding the fire truck during the Founders' Day parade in Episode 1. If I remember correctly, the Miracle Fire mentioned by the burnt man occurred on or around Founders' Day.

Add to this that a "fire" alarm was pulled during the party.

The fact that Rusty was not home when Leita was killed (i.e. his answering machine picked up) may mean that he was out killing her. Mary Elisabeth may be his accomplice. Perhaps they met at 2 Dollar Bills.

Besides being a "pointer" toward Rusty, fire could be just the next step in an "elements theme." If you check the General Notes/Theories page, you'll see that we already have a water theme going. That leaves air and earth.
New theories have been added to the Emerson Bowden page and the General Notes/Theories page.


I love reading new theories. So if you've got an original theory or observation (or a new slant on an old theory -- give credit where it is due), you can post it in the Dossier Forum by clicking here. I'll be reading the posts there and updating the suspects' pages based on your new thoughts and ideas.


I don't know why, but I keep having this thought that the bodies will be found in the Kingfisher Cannery. Maybe it has something to do with a desire to frame William Lambert. I wouldn't be surprised if that happens.

Did you all see the "ruins" of the Cannery? They showed an aerial shot. It looks as though the Cannery is on the water's edge. According to a message board post supposedly made by someone who lives in the real Maine town where this was filmed, the original name for the show was "On the Water's Edge." Could that be because that's where the bodies will be found?
Suspects that have a greater potential for violence...
Frank Kovick (has a temper - seen in episode 3)
G. D. Thibodeaux (was in the military)
Jimmy Tinker (has a temper - seen in episodes 1 and 3)
Prudence Connor (was in the military)


I've scrapped the gigantic text file that collected theories found on the 'net. Instead, you can now click on the names of any of the suspects to the left and see theories, etc. on each.

Also, as much as I enjoy people's theories that the Flints are alive or that one of the nonsuspects (i.e. townspeople) did it, I have to say that I doubt that the producers will choose to "cheat." Yes, it is the "killer's" game, and killers aren't known for following the rules. However, given that this is the "first season" of Murder in Small Town X, I can't imagine the producers setting a precedent that the rules will be broken. Games are only fun if the rules are obeyed. They know that the viewers want to try and figure it out, and they also know that going against the rules would make that impossible, and therefore, anger the viewers. I say this because it makes me give less weight to the "rulebreaking" theories...but of course, all theories are welcome -- that's part of the fun!

I'm almost positive that Frank Kovick took the pictures of Nate and Prudence getting it on. I'm pretty sure he used them to get out of the libel lawsuit between him and Nate.

Frank's alibi is shaky, and he does have a temper (as seen in Episode 3), but I'm beginning to think he's not the killer. I'm not ready to move him to the unlikely list yet though...


I doubt that the sweepers actually committed any of the murders. I don't view Hayden Debeck as a violent person. He is odd, but his approach would not seem to include violence. It seems to me that he would be more interested in controlling someone's mind than killing him/her. Thus, I'm moving him to the unlikely list.

I'd like to move Samantha Larabee to the "unlikely list" too, but there are some good theories out there surrounding her. She's into gambling and this is constantly being referred to as a "game." She's also not an "obvious" killer.

My intuition is also saying that if anything, Emerson Bowden is an accomplice, NOT the killer. Perhaps he simply provided the taxidermy preservation chemicals, rather than actually killed and preserved the victims himself.


I've been thinking...

Maybe Mary Elisabeth is a sweeper... Maybe something that Hayden did to her mind has made her messed up to the point that she wants to be Abby Flint. Besides, black robes with hoods do sound like the typical cult garb.
Based on the whole fingers in a sardine can analysis, the bodies are being preserved. But, for what reason?

Are they part of a "collection" as in "they belong to me now"?

Or, are they being preserved so that when they eventually "reappear" the producers won't have to use a truckload of decomposition make-up!

I'm not convinced that Jimmy Tinker drove the car past X-Ray. Even though the producers showed a "clip" of it. It could have been a visual aid shown for dramatic effect. It was not an actual recording.

My intuition says that X-Ray was told to say that. I'm beginning to suspect that Hayden Debeck's mind control experiments have been successful. Perhaps he used them on X-Ray -- convinced him to lie to the investigators.

Hayden's video reminded me of the Heaven's Gate cult video.
Who was the hooded figure who left Mary Elisabeth's house early in the morning? Well, it wasn't Jimmy Tinker so that leaves two choices:
1 - Mary Elisabeth
2 - Someone else (who probably was in the house prior to Mary and Jimmy's arrival).

I think it was Mary Elisabeth. We all know she's messed up. She's got Abby's sweater. She's telling Jimmy he wants him to call her Abby. She's twisted.

Angel and Katie said that the person driving Abby's car was wearing a black hood. So it seems to me that Mary Elisabeth probably drove away from her house, and then picked up the car, and drove it off the pier.


I've seen a lot of discussion about the connection between Thibodeaux and Prudence. There seems to be some confusion. If I understand the show correctly, they are both vets. The alibi given by Thibodeaux has them attending some vet meeting the night of the murders.

The fact that Thibodeaux is all screwed up from the Gulf War means that Prudence might be too. Regardless, having served in the military, she definitely would have the weapon know how and strength to commit the murders.

Why Thibodeaux has a shrine to her in his home is unclear. More than likely he's romantically obsessed with her. Why not? She's beautiful, and they have a lot in common. Time will tell...
The discovery of blood in Thibodeaux's home as well as a wierd shrine to Prudence would, once again, make him an obvious suspect. As you know, I don't suspect him. However, I bring up this point because it shows the writing style of the show. It shows that the writers enjoy making something look certain, only to have it turn out not to be true. In other words, they made it a "no brainer" that Thibodeaux probably did it, but we all know there's no way they'd reveal it that fast.

Along these lines, thinking like the writers (since I am one myself), I have a feeling that the bodies of the victims will be placed somewhere other than with the killer. Perhaps, the killer will place the bodies on the property of another suspect. Then, an anonymous tip would lead the investigators to the bodies. What a perfect end to an episode -- the viewers think that the investigators have finally found the killer! Lo and behold, the next episode the associated suspect claims that he/she didn't do it, and that he/she didn't know the bodies were there.
Wow. I can't believe it. One of my blogs was actually chosen as a Blog of Note! Hooray!


There's a new interview with the parents of Murder in Small Town X's host, Gary Fredo. Click here to read the article.


I've started collecting facts and theories from other Web users. Click here to read them.

I suspect that IF Mary Elisabeth is not the killer, then she visited the crime scene before the bodies were found. Again, I think in the web cam call that Abby made she asked Mary to come over. If Mary arrived after the murder, she could have easily have taken the cheerleading sweater that belonged to Abby. I seriously doubt that Abby would have let that sweater out of her sight while she was alive -- those things are like trophies...hard to come by.
I don't think that a gun was used. Someone would have heard the gun shots. Remember, the bodies were discovered by a relative entering the house the next day.

I do suspect Lil Tinker. For several reasons...
--She hasn't gotten much screen time, but yet she's been in every episode.
--She would have access to her son's 16mm camera and might even know how to develop it.
--If Nate was giving her son, Jimmy, a hard time, she might have wanted to get even.
--She might have thought that Abby was screwing around on Jimmy. If so, I'm sure it was Mary Elisabeth that convinced her of that.
--Why did she show up when the investigators questioned Leita? What was she doing there?
Why does everyone assume that the photographs of Prudence and Nate were taken by the killer? The lead investigator said that maybe the killer was after the clock and whatever was stored inside. Well the only person those pictures would matter to besides the Nate would be Prudence. Whoever the photographer is already has the negatives, he/she would not go murder someone trying to get them back. Now, perhaps the person who took those pictures told Nate that if he didn't pay, he/she would kill him. But, I really think that we will learn that the photographer and the killer are not one in the same.

I still suspect Leita, despite the disappearance of Oscar. Why? Well, the killer has been leaving clues, right? Kristen found the "Bonnie Rose" clue which led to Oscar. Perhaps the killer was trying to say, "Hey, it's me. It's Leita." By removing Oscar's body, it would throw suspicion away from Leita, i.e. "Poor Leita! Her husband's body was stolen. She surely didn't do it." It would be the perfect thing for her to do to throw suspicion away from her.

Hayden DeBeck is strange -- there's no doubting that. He has his whole cult/mind control thing going on. The main reason I suspect this guy is that the bodies are missing. What if he is "storing" them? What if he is a self-styled Dr. Frankenstein? I mean, is mind control that far away from reanimation? I wouldn't be surprised if he had the bodies, even if he isn't the killer.


Mary Elisabeth Merchant is suspicious to me. Why? Well, for one thing why would she show up in a night club if her best friend just got murdered? Wouldn't she stay home? Maybe she was there to get drunk. While there though, she refused to talk to one of the investigators. Why?

Also, am I the only one who heard something in the web cam call that occurred between Mary and the victim? I thought I heard Mary say, "Do you want me to come over?" and then the victim said, "Yeah." If that's the case, Mary might have been there when the killer was. Maybe she had a thing for the victim's boyfriend -- Jimmy Tinker.

X-Ray does not seem to be an obvious choice for the murderer. However, the fact that he's not physically imposing and that he is not obvious may make him the producers' choice. Also, he was the person who took Shirley to the Chicken Farm -- where she became the killer's fourth victim. Thus, he was the last person to see Shirley alive.

I don't think G. D. Thibodeaux did it. He's too obvious. Too edgy. It wouldn't be a good choice because it wouldn't be a "surprise" which is what I'm sure the producers are going for.

However, I also think that he's not telling the full truth. Two questions. 1.) Why did he need to meet just one investigator to reveal his alibi? If you're a suspect, wouldn't you want everyone to know your alibi? 2.) When he finished telling his alibi, why did he say something like "It's as simple as that"? Is there some faction suggesting otherwise?

Methinks he doth protest too much. My intuition says that he's covering for O'Connor.
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