Mary Elisabeth Merchant is suspicious to me. Why? Well, for one thing why would she show up in a night club if her best friend just got murdered? Wouldn't she stay home? Maybe she was there to get drunk. While there though, she refused to talk to one of the investigators. Why?

Also, am I the only one who heard something in the web cam call that occurred between Mary and the victim? I thought I heard Mary say, "Do you want me to come over?" and then the victim said, "Yeah." If that's the case, Mary might have been there when the killer was. Maybe she had a thing for the victim's boyfriend -- Jimmy Tinker.

X-Ray does not seem to be an obvious choice for the murderer. However, the fact that he's not physically imposing and that he is not obvious may make him the producers' choice. Also, he was the person who took Shirley to the Chicken Farm -- where she became the killer's fourth victim. Thus, he was the last person to see Shirley alive.

I don't think G. D. Thibodeaux did it. He's too obvious. Too edgy. It wouldn't be a good choice because it wouldn't be a "surprise" which is what I'm sure the producers are going for.

However, I also think that he's not telling the full truth. Two questions. 1.) Why did he need to meet just one investigator to reveal his alibi? If you're a suspect, wouldn't you want everyone to know your alibi? 2.) When he finished telling his alibi, why did he say something like "It's as simple as that"? Is there some faction suggesting otherwise?

Methinks he doth protest too much. My intuition says that he's covering for O'Connor.
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