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A new web site devoted to Angel has appeared. Click on the link to visit it . . . http://hometown.aol.com/dlisad19/myhomepage/memorial-crisis.html.


Sad news. Angel, the winner of Fox's Murder in Small Town X is among the missing in the recent World Trade Center collapse. He responded to the disaster as the brave firefighter that MISTX showed him to be. Here is a link to an article with more information... http://www.realitynewsonline.com/article1315.html.

My heart goes out to Angel, his family, and his friends. MISTX showed that he is truly a talented man with intelligence and heart.


Want to see season 2 of MISTX? Click here to sign an online petition to let Fox and the producers of MISTX know how you feel!
New poll questions are up!

I received an e-mail that has information supposedly from a "production source" about a possible second season of MISTX. This information is highly suspect, and should be considered RUMOR.

According to the e-mail...
--FOX is not going to air a second season due to poor ratings. However, the producers made a deal with NBC, and the sequel will air opposite Survivor 4 in 2002.
--Gary Fredo has signed back on as the lead investigator.
--The show will be called "After Sunrise".
--Casting of new investigators is underway.
--MISTX 2 is currently in pre-production with the actors, but the "official" filming won't start until the writers finish the plot and the producers cast the investigators.

Again, all of the above is rumor. I also received a possible killer movie that shows 16 suspects for MISTX 2. It seems fake to me, so I'm not going to post it (yet). If the source is reading, write to me directly and let me know what your credentials are.


Here's the results of the latest MISTX Dossier polls...

Who is the Sunrise Killer?
30% Rusty Crandall
23% Frank Kovick
20% Prudence Connor
11% Mary Elizabeth Merchant
07% Emerson Bowden
06% Jimmy Tinker
03% William Lambert

Rusty gained 10% this week over last week's 20%. In fact the order remained pretty much the same as last week with the top choices gaining higher percentages of the vote. William Lambert did slip to the last choice with only 3% of the vote.

Who is your favorite (living) investigator?
34% Angel
33% Katie
30% Alan
03% Jeff

Angel narrowly beat Katie as the fan favorite this week, but really all three of the top choices were close.

Which investigator do you think WILL win (not who you want to win, but who WILL win)?
35% Alan
29% Angel
25% Katie
11% Jeff

Who is your favorite (deceased) investigator?
36% Kristen
23% Lindsey
22% Brian
09% Andy
08% Stacey
03% Shirley

Have you ever been scared watching MISTX?
57% No
43% Yes

I'll admit I was creeped out during the first few killer's game segments.

What is your favorite aspect of MISTX?
74% Trying to solve the murders.
15% Watching the investigators play the killer's game.
07% Learning about the townspeople and the town's history.
03% Watching the interaction between the investigators.

Aside from MISTX, what's your all time favorite reality TV show?
37% Survivor
23% The Mole
15% None of the above
11% Real World
04% (tie) Big Brother and Boot Camp
02% Making the Band, Temptation Island, and Other

It's no surprise that many of you like The Mole. Like MISTX, The Mole gives the viewers a lot more to think about than just voting strategies. (By the way, The Mole 2 premieres September 21 on ABC).

I'll be putting up more polls either tonight or tomorrow regarding the outcome of MISTX. I'll be asking whether you were satisified with the winner and many other questions. Be sure to bookmark this page!


Be aware that the 2 hour season finale of Murder in Small Town X may begin airing an hour earlier than its normally scheduled time. In my time zone (Central), it airs at 7PM rather than its usual 8PM. I will be posting the results of the polls around 4PM central time tomorrow (7PM Eastern). If you haven't voted yet, click on Polls to the left.
I had a dream last night that Jeff wins...


Here's the cast list for MISTX. Click on the actor's name to see the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) credits listing for that actor...

Gary Fredo .... Himself (Host/Lead Investigator)
Don Chastain .... Hayden DeBeck
Heather Campbell .... Samantha Larabee
Kent George .... Reverend Rusty Crandall
Shishir Kurup .... X-Ray the Cab Driver
Cory Pendergast .... Jimmy Tinker
Jack McCabe .... Nate Flint
George Hall (I) .... C.R. Flint
Jennifer Tung .... Deanna Harris
Christopher Liam Moore .... Frank Kovick
Sarah Morris .... Abigail 'Abby' Flint
Cathy Shambley .... Dr. Neva Bowden
Joy Claussen .... Leita Rose-Blodgett
Damara Reilly .... Lillian 'Lil' Tinker
Jennifer Dibert .... Mary Elizabeth Merchant
Tom Stechschulte .... William Lambert
Moira Walley .... Carmen Flint
Terence Winter (I) .... Dudley Duncan
Pat Battistini .... G.D. Thibodeaux
Caitlin Keats .... Prudence Connor
Tim Walkoe .... Emerson Bowden
Ronnie Warner .... Drew Chambers
Sam Witwer .... Moe Zaleski